Spooky Boyfriend #3 - Donald Dunbar


Gomez Taking Drugs

---for Richard Estelloso Gomez

Gomez taking drugs and Gomez mating call and Gomez
would like un whisky y una cerveza and Gomez flowers but bristles and Gomez shoot shoot shoot shoot and Gomez just about and Gomez the embarrassing beauty of Colorado and Gomez decided once & for all his Big Choice and Gomez eggshell blue and Gomez falling from an airplane in a uniform and Gomez extra well-done and Gomez temporarily smiling and Gomez has a joke for a bride and Gomez the blankets need duffing and Gomez & I eat painkillers: watch the lake: we are putting our toes in: cold, cold lake: chimes & celery: chooses a title for a famous poem, about him.