Shave a Mouse Inside Me, Ted

--- for Willie Z

It’s called Nice To See You
or Fucking Is So Very Lovely

you are called Mouse Baby
and Trusted Sister Wednesday

Lines not written
Ohio Blue Tip matches
and colored pencils

An instance of him
saving a mouse
and it's my 80th birthday

This type of abuse in the capping
live coals walking right into him
how the beard is most important

A little loving can
I cannot re-read what I say

You think of him in a cellar
sweating out lines
triangles of dark red
and your heart pinches a bit
and a bit more

then he chugs out a song
without saying
see you later

On the Baptism of My Daughter Consuela, June 14, 1833

---A "STRONG" poem for K. Silem Mohammad

Rasputin had a universal name for hotels
by a shiny mountain stream
he ruined a dream of mine
where I smoked two cigarettes in Manhattan
I played two characters
Mutiny, Consuela, & Sam Shepard
we smashed peanuts on lampposts
the baby Gap smashes my toys to hell
my girlfriend swung a violin into bus light
we were drunk and somber

the baby name wizard Rasputin
shined a marshmallow near our family
he could munch jazz
'C' magic where worlds shit Azaleas
thanks for asking
Germany is where drinking magic
comes off building a tide towards the turn
as if nuns could break a coma

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
i am wearing my pwetty ballet clothes

she talks to my naked soul and blurs
not that I can limp across a pig
or I am lonely in a bitter wizard way
"trouble follows trouble"
and the mini-mart closes
florescent morphing
like a parrot in the rain

Magic 8-Ball
do you merge your hammock with a tendril
can the ridge plow our fingers into hair
I've seen the missing pylons of snow
god works the dickiest

curly prick with a chin-strap
go to bed