what secreted for the future // bardic or technological (A. Rich)

river runoff love
canal a message
to all future generations fly this kite
tomorrow tomcat tail expressive
on the prowl proud falls

box up this sexy
this not even trying
and making it

lip implants scaffold
I’m melting I’m molting
thumbs in flesh as fruit
incessant buzzing barcoded for inventory.

That seem to shine at me through a lattice toward you (J. Ashbery)

among the relevant items
breakfast softest shirt and scratch
of cheek. Why can I not come to you
and be comforted? Foments rebellion
in the bath the floods worthy
of Noah fledgling for most
things love
and diets always this tube of fat
around the belly and the golden
onion ring. Pie crusts shape a mouth
of mocking. Thumb print cookies.
The jelly

Blue tongue your evidence is
unholy the trinity
brain heart and crotch all’s
sticky at the altar of love.