I'm about to marry The Predator

I’m about to marry THE Predator
Dying being hit by a car driven by Predator isn’t sorry
When I’m nervous and melting and Predator just slouches there
No spinal contractions, small breaths
Drying the nailbeds with excitement for the big day
You see three red dots before your brains become lunch
In the intersection of understanding
But marrying the Predator
And being consumed is worse

There are no hairdryers on the Predator’s planet
And none in his bedroom
And none in his car
Because he can’t see you
He can’t see why you feel the facial
Makes calming effects more abundant
And you can’t get loving
If you’re not seen
In a bedroom
You have the Predator to blame

Some people get their Predator facial blown off
And luck smiles on them; beauty can go to hell
My excuses are lame but I’m marrying the Predator
Because I don’t really need his marriage
As an agreement about what modern eligibility is

Curls naturally occur with the Predator
I’m going to rub you down with mud Arnold so the Predator can’t love
I’m going to put you in marriage Arnold so the Predator can only love
To fight with you is a strenuous challenge as you find your jungle beat
Even the Predator singing voice says the car alarm stays for facial scrub

Nice French Manicure Predator

To be young and in love
Strewn like potato chips on the spine of our horizontal mambo
Can it be any other way to impregnate?
Rates increase in men lying on your back
(Now, to me: Your soft tissue sample under the nail bed
Nice soft tissue silky Predator curvy

Slips from the water disengaged future camouflage:
I was dismayed they picked the pretty Predator
Also pray tell why the panties
Protesting my pater guitar shrinkage
Solo dedicated to the Predator mother of my alien children
So intelligent but so needy

As entertaining as I peak with custard pie on my face
My petite Predators are pretending to ignore
They hunger. The suckling minis pay no mind to the jackal
He is asking for ransom and has underestimated the Predator
Nice Fresh Manicure Predator